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Your one stop information provider for golf outings
How It Works
Outing Caddy's easy system creates a personal record of all your golf outings over years and years. It tracks all your past scores and keeps memorable photos in a convenient place, at no cost what so ever.

OutingCaddy.com is a site that allows anyone to post information and photos of their golf outing or tournament . . . for free! Register all your planned golf outings or golf tournaments on the website with a date, tee-time, and course. Invite players to join you on your golf outings, discuss your golf outing or tournament on the message board created for you and your fellow players, and update your leaderboard by adding scores for each player after your golf outing has come to an end.

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Register as the organizer of your golf outing or tournament and choose a name for your event.
Outing Details
Provide the basic details of your golf outing (golf outing cost, golf outing time, golf course location, etc). You can also personalize the page with a photo or logo for your golf outing.
Add and invite players who will then be able to interact via the message boards created for your golf outing. Post photos from your golf outing or tournament and enter scores to update the your leaderboard.
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Your one stop information provider for golf outings